Yay! I found a photographer...now what?

So you got engaged AND she said yes!

After the emotions and insta posts are all done now you realize you have to plan.

So you look everywhere for that perfect photographer, perfect venue, everything to make that day exactly as you imagined it.

You find a photographer and they are available! Yay! But now what?

A photographer can do a lot for a bride and groom on their big day. We will help you keep time, make sure you don't have any spinach between your teeth, make sure that you are Slaying it in that dress, and to keep you from getting to nervous. But what do you ask them? How do you know if they will be the right fit? Welcome to your cheat sheet ; to select the questions you want to know or even bring up questions you didn't even think of before. Since it is different for EVERY bride and groom I can't give you a one solid answer and you leave feeling satisfied. We like to make sure we focus on you as much as we can.

Onto the Questions:

How much editing will be done on the photos? Does the photographer offer color adjustment, retouching (removing distracting items from the background, blemish removal, etc.), or other corrective services, and are these included in the package or will there be an additional charge? Different photographers have different editing processes, so it’s important to know what that process is and how many photos it covers (for example, basic edits only on images you order as prints or within an album).

What is the process and turnaround time for images and products? You’ll be chomping at the bits to see your photos, but it can often take months before you receive the full package. Ask your photographer to give you a general idea of when you’ll see your first photos and how you’ll see them (in person, online gallery?). Also, you can’t assume that you’ll be able to plaster your images on social media as soon as you get them, so ask your photographer what the restrictions are for sharing photos online and if you own the copyrights.

How many weddings will you shoot on my wedding day? If they say more than one make sure there is adequate time in between the weddings for you.

How do you receive the images from your wedding day? Is it a disc? do you have to order them online? Or do you have to download them yourself?

When is the balance due? You want to be prepared so you are not caught off guard on your wedding day.

Do you offer extra add on hours? If yes, how much do they cost? Is there limits?

What is their shot list? Do they use a shot list? Can you request certain shots? How do you know they will know what shots to get for you.

Can I see a full gallery? Most photographers blog only their very best images, which usually ends up being mostly details and portraits. But seeing a full gallery shows images from each “category” (details, prep, couple portraits, individual portraits, wedding party portraits, family formals, ceremony/reception images, etc.). This means you also get to see how the photographer’s style comes through in all of those standard wedding images like the parent dances, family formals, etc. etc.Start to finish, you get to see exactly how they curated the day.

Can you talk me through some of the challenges you've experienced on this particular day? This will probably force your photographer to show you a gallery that might not be one of their “featured” weddings. It might not be plastered all over their portfolio, because maybe it rained that day. Or maybe the timeline was running several hours behind. Or maybe the bride got stung by a bee and you had less time for portraits than you originally anticipated. This will allow your photographer to talk you through their decision-making process during those difficult moments that inevitably happen at every wedding. You can see how they deliver under pressure, and what they prioritize on a wedding day. That way, when the time comes, you know you can trust them to handle even the most difficult of situations a wedding can throw at you.


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