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What to wear for couples

April 27, 2019

Your couple session is a big deal, its capturing the two of you in all your love and connection. Wether you are getting one for your engagement session, because you want some time of just you two away from the kids, or because its been awhile. We want to help you love yourselves and see the love come off the photograph. 


If you've never had your picture taken or if you are one who always gets nervous in front of a camera that's where our job comes in. We want to make sure you feel your best and most relaxed, thats how we can capture the real you. 


What DO I Wear?


1. Wear something comfortable!

Im sure you've read this tip before, but its true! If you aren't comfortable in what you are wearing the camera will pick it up. If you are getting a new outfit make sure you take it out on a test run prior to your session, hint: Date night excuse!  Make sure your outfit speaks you, don't try to do something out of your style, this isn't the time to try a new trend. But please! Avoid t-shirts, unless they mean something special to the both of you. Men we know you like your comfortable outfits, but this is not the time to just throw on a favorite t-shirt and your favorite worn out boots. Think of a nice solid colored shirt, button up, sweater, or plaid.


2. Mind the shoes!
If we are going to be outside and in the dirt avoid thin heels as they will sink into the mud, we don't need a sprained ankle! If you are into tennis shoes and that is your style go for it, just make sure they are nice clean shoes. Don't try to wear worn out tennis shoes that are discolored to your session. This is going to a keepsake that you don't want to look back on and regret wearing something that doesn't match this event. If you want chucks wear those! Or nikes, we actually had a bride who was big into sports and wore nikes to her wedding!



3. Steam, iron, or hangup your clothes before hand!

We know that its easy to grab stuff on the day of, but its also really hard to get wrinkles out of clothes in photoshop! We want you looking your best and not focusi