To all my girls!

Wether you are a senior getting ready for the pictures we've all waited for, a bride wanting to look amazing for her big day, or a gorgeous women ready to strike a pose in her boudoir session. These products will help you feel and look your best for your session.

I am a skeptic.

I have tried numerous beauty products growing up trying to always find a good fit for what I need. Well I just received this amazing voxbox that I got for free and can I say I was blown away!

Sleep Masks

Usually very thick, makes you break out, pills off your face, or just feels disgusting sitting on your face. This mask is WAY different. Im not going to lie I was like here we go another face cream. Ive spent hundreds of dollars on different products but Dr. Brandts Hydro Mask won the jackpot.

What makes is so amazing that Id suggest to all you beauty's to try it?


-It soaks right into your skin you will forget you even put it on

-It doesn't make you break out

-It fades the red from dried out cheeks almost overnight

-And it leaves your face feeling smooth and like it just got a fresh drink of water

Face Masks

Okay We've all heard about how good masks are for our pores. We have tried scrubbing masks, masks that peel off into minute tiny pieces that you still have to scrub off, and masks that we swear ripped off our face. Now we come to Dr. Brandt's Magnetic mask!

Yes you heard me a MAGNETIC MASK! What in the world were my thoughts when I read this. First off okay how is this going to do anything for my face and well okay just that. Let me say that it wasn't painful, it didn't pull off hairs and your skin, and it left a amazing gel that soaked into your skin making it feel even smoother. I may be crazy but I swear it made a difference and I mean how much fun can it be to use a magnet to remove stuff off your face?

Drink Booster

Okay so I drink water ALL THE TIME. Its not something I enjoy but I got off pop a long time ago and can't go back. This product is like a miracle in a dropper. It helps protect your skin from bad UV rays from the inside out, it has a ton of antioxidants packed into it to help your skin heal from all the damage we've caused it from life. Plus it is such a light flavor you can mix it with a lot, water, lemonade for an extra kick, your fruit to help bring out the rich flavors, or a morning smoothie. I wish I could use more than one drop full a day but there is always tomorrow mornings drink.

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