You booked a boudoir session now what?


-bring at least 3 outfits

-If you are getting makeup done come with a clean face and clean hair

-If you aren't getting makeup make sure you have classy makeup on and your hair don't want to go too much or it'll not look like you in photos, but have enough that it shows up.

-For soft curls a hot blow dryer to them helps relax the hair

-Make sure you have a light snack to munch on

-Buy outfits that will hide your trouble areas and enhance your assets this will help increase your confidence, as well as ones not too tight

-make sure your outfits have boob support(if needed)

-bring a few heels and jewelry that goes with your outfits, thigh high boots also look great!

-Drink a lot of water 12 hours before your session (if not for a week before the session) this helps smooth the skin and add more a glow

-If you plan to color your hair, nails, or do a wax or facial do this at least 3 days prior to your session

-If you plan to get an airbrush tan do this 3 days before your session as well

-bring a robe and slippers

-bring extra panties and stockings in case of a tear, don't do thigh highs if you have bigger thighs as it pinches, large diamond fishnets work great for photos!

-When painting nails don't forge your toes! Make sure they match in color or you can do just clear polish on both

-Moisturize nightly the week before your session (not any with SPF) this helps your skin look smoother

-Remember to shave the night before with either shaving cream or conditioner

-Bring something of your husbands (tie, shirt, guitar, skateboard)

-Bring a few fun items!

-Remember to do light stretching the morning of your session, well be doing a lot of posing

-If you break out the night before don't fret! We can fix anything and stress will just make it worse

-remove ALL tags on your clothes, including the sewn in ones.


-Dont wear any tight clothing 24 hours prior to the session to get rid of any clothing lines on your skin

-Dont eat a heavy meal 12 hours prior to your session

-Dont try any new facial or beauty products if you've never used them before

-Dont plan to be anywhere for about 4-5 hours

-Don't stay up late the night before, its hard to hide tired

-Don't be shy to ask for specific poses or full nudes


-A thin heel or nude pumps help lengthen and thin legs

-Long necklaces help lengthen your neck

-Soft contouring helps thin your face, put some bronzer around your chin, temples, and below your cheekbones

-Long earrings help also thin out the face

-The three day military diet(if you can handle the diet) Can drop 3-15 lbs in 3 days and you still get yummy food :) like ice cream!

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