Why Did I begin?

FAMILY, my family took a dozen photos of everything ALL the time.

I remember posing for photographs all the time. I cant remember a time there wasnt some camera out and around my sister and I growing up. My dad was a photographer, My mother took thousands of photos, My grandfather had to take a thousand photos of one photo.

My first camera! Nickelodon camera, you know what one im talking about? Chunky and covered in plastic green goo and purple.

What made this camera so memorable was it cook take 4 photos and place it in ONE photo! I have since loved collauges.

I was always the artistic one; in theatre, painting, making homemade christmas presents, seeing art in everything.

I would see something and just know i had to capture it. Or i would rearrange it so that it would look great to the eye.

Iphoto, you know the original photo library with apple? It used to have this black and white changer brush tool. Like color selection manually.

I spent HOURS of my nights making a photo of my sister being goofy black and white but leaving her in color. Or one of me holding a rose, see to the left? Do you know how hard that was in iphoto? It was difficult. You only had one size circle brush. But i wanted it to look artisitc. I began researching free programs that could do what i wanted but A LOT FASTER. Picknik.com was my first editor site, http://ipiccy.com is its new name now.

Then people started to notice all my photos. And i had family and friends starting to suggest I do their photos too!

I only had a simple little set lens canon camera. I had no clue about aperature, or focus, or manual mode at all. I just knew what i saw and what I wanted to capture. So I took up their suggestion and started to do photos for fun and free.

One year after taking my friends senior photos off of my mothers nice Canon Rebel and posting them online people started to suggest I start a business!

Now I was TERRIFIED! How could i start a business? How would I get new customers that were strangers? How do I even imporve and learn to take those photos that I admire? I went YEARS just using wix.com for free sites. And I still took a LOT of photos for free. Until my husband convinced me to make the BIG JUMP to a real business and paying my own money to learn, upgrade, and improve.

Where did I begin? Taking a TON of photos of myself, finding inspiration on deviant art, a LOT of landscape (people scared me at the beginning), my family, my friends, and on trips.

I shot off my cell phone a lot. I didnt think to bring my camera with me to places until later on in my pursuit. I also took a lot off my laptop. Then I edited all on picknik. I finally took up my guts to reach out to friends to practice posing them until I got to strangers.

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