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Photoshop is scary

September 21, 2014

I havent touched Photoshop since 2008..


Photoshop scared the crap out of me. I remember my first newborn shoot I had done a lot of research to learn how to do the cool effects. I thought oh photoshop is easy! Until after my shoot I learned I had no idea what i was doing. But i did know how to use Lightroom. 


Lightroom was my safety net, but how do I change the background?!


I was hoping I could learn to change my background in Lightroom. I knew how to use the clone tool, as well as the brushes. For the most basic uses at least. I had no idea though if it would really work, and if it didn't I had no idea what would happen with that gorgeous photo I had just taken. 




Surprised myself! It took me 2 hours to complete, but I succeeded without photoshop.


I took two whole hours editing and using my clone tool, learning my brushes, learning what all the sliders actually did in lightroom. I took a photo of a poor blanket, dads arms, and way too much of a mess to a SOLID BLACK BACKGROUND! And suceeded with out EVER touching photoshop. 




Photoshop isn't so bad.


Even though that one photo turned out amazing in lightroom i realized I could have saved a lot more time just using photoshop. Now i am relearning how to use photoshop and realizing it is not so scary at all! I now have added snow, backgrounds, and now working on creating levitation.