Model Call? Say What?!

Its that time of the year again; Fall bonfires, roasting hot dogs over that open fire, making smores, the hay rides and corn mazes, apple picking and making grandmas apple pie. Guess what?! We want to capture this amazing season for you at a discount. Emi Memories is now offering Lifestyle photography in Pataskala and surrounding areas in Central Ohio. All those memories and smells of the fall we want to capture on camera for you to look back on and know what you were doing at that exact moment. What is Lifestyle Photography? This style of photography is capturing real moments in your everyday life. Its between documentary photography and family portraits. We capture your real emotions, the

Did you know we sell prints?

We have so many different photographs up there at our link and there is also some other great artists out there that offer prints and paintings! You can find us here!

Night Session

Hi everyone! Let's all give it up for one of the most charismatic couples in the world they were hilarious and so enjoyed their company! Chris told me all about how Mandy and him met. They’ve known each other since third grade and Chris always had a crush on Mandy! Chris was persistent and won her heart a few years later and now they've been together for 6 years and have a beautiful daughter who I also have had the opportunity to photograph! Oh my! Such a perfect love story :) They were so kind to let me use them for my first night session, they never had gotten photos of them together until then as well! They were so excited to see how the session would turn out and both loved the photos, I

Senior Rep Program

Welcome! If your reading this then... 1. your either in High School 2. You know someone in High School 3. Your the parent looking for more information Heres the quick info :) What do i gotta do???? - First fill out the questionnaire! Or two..ones basic info the other is me getting to know you! - You and your parents need to sign a contract i'll send to you releasing Emi Memories to use your images for advertising and promo. -As well as both of you need to agree to represent/promote only Emi Memories until you are finished with your senior year -You must have an online media presence (Facebook, instagram, twitter, ect.) -You must become a fan of Emi Memories on all social sites -You must use

You booked a boudoir session now what?

THE DO'S -bring at least 3 outfits -If you are getting makeup done come with a clean face and clean hair -If you aren't getting makeup make sure you have classy makeup on and your hair don't want to go too much or it'll not look like you in photos, but have enough that it shows up. -For soft curls a hot blow dryer to them helps relax the hair -Make sure you have a light snack to munch on -Buy outfits that will hide your trouble areas and enhance your assets this will help increase your confidence, as well as ones not too tight -make sure your outfits have boob support(if needed) -bring a few heels and jewelry that goes with your outfits, thigh high boots also look great! -Drink a

Kristens Maternity Session

woohoo! It's a girl! Jeremy and Kristen are officially expecting a little lady to join their family. The little bundle of cuteness is set to arrive in just 2 short weeks. So far, Kristen has had a somewhat easy pregnancy. Like most moms in their final trimester, she is counting down the days until Miss Sadie is welcomed into our world! Even though Kristen expressed she was a somewhat self-conscious due to the belly and being a pregnant mama – she seriously looked radiant. Throughout the session, I made sure to incorporate some of Sadies books into the session! Check out some of my favorite shots from our session together at dawes arbortorium. See? I told you she was beautiful! Can't wait t

Do I NEED a birth photographer?

As the concept of birth photography becomes more and more popular, it sparks a lot of questions. The most common question we get is: “Why should I hire a birth photographer?” -During the birth process, everything is so chaotic (and painful) that you miss many of the little moments that occur that day. Birth photographers are there to help you remember your experience, and to help you look back and enjoy seeing this special day unfold. The memories created on that day are cherished stories you cannot just tell your child, but show your child. How great is it to have photographs to accompany your memories? We want to capture all of the emotion and love that you have for your child. They will l

What is birth or hospital photography?

When should I book my birth photographer? I typically will not book more than one or two sessions within a particular month. This is to make sure that I have the availability to accommodate your birth. You should contact us as soon as you have a due date so we can tentatively block out that time for you. We will finalize details during the beginning of your second trimester. It’s never too late to ask, though, so if you are further along than this, check in with us to see if we have anything open. Do you offer maternity and newborn sessions too? Yes, we do. Please see our session manual for information on pricing, collections, and what’s included, by clicking here. Do you use your flash duri

When to Book Your Maternity Session

-We suggest contacting us as soon as you know your due date. We can then decide on a time that is best for your photos. We like to schedule your maternity session around the time you are seven to eight months along. This way, you are far enough along to show off your baby bump, but not to the point where you are going to be miserable in your photos. -As you go along your pregnancy, things may change with your due date, or you may start showing sooner and want to do them earlier. Just contact us and we can discuss this and help you find a new date.

Why Maternity Photos Are Important

-Even though pregnancy comes with a lot of difficult trials, it is an amazing time in your life. It is a time of celebration and of anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During this time, you create your initial bond with your child that will continue throughout your entire lives. -There are very few women who actually feel like they are beautiful while they are pregnant – especially during the first pregnancy. However, the miracle of pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Swollen feet, stretch marks, and hormone changes aside – you are growing a real live human being inside of you.

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